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Computer Fundamental (MS-Office, Internet) Course

Course Description

Instructor: Gajendra

Duration: 2 Months , 5 hrs / week

Use of computer in every sector is most common today. So, it is foolish if one is deprived of computer knowledge. To be proficient in computer operation does not require high intelligence and programming knowledge. One can have the expert tag if he/she can use MS-Office suite and internet easily. Designs Lab intends to produce hundreds of computer literates a year.

Designs Lab also understands the situation of some guys who cannot afford a personal computer. And for this mere reason, if they are deprived of the digital knowledge, Designs Lab will blame itself. With its presence, no one would be spared of computer knowledge. Again, the institute offers the course with several topics through which one not only able to do his own work but also can arrange his own bread and butter. Yes..

The practical laboratory of Designs Lab is always open for their students. They also can find trainers anytime in the lab to clear their doubts. If you are passionate to be a part of Designs Lab institute, you should take a glimpse at the topics covered in the computer fundamental program.

Computer Fundamentals Syllabus

Generations of Computer Block Diagram of a Computer Functions of the Different Units Input & Output Devices Memory Software/Hardware MS-Office

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