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Course Description

Instructor: Gajendra

Duration: 2 Months , 5 hrs / week

The essence of graphics cannot be overlooked at all when it is in the website design and development field. The designs of graphics make the website attractive. Without unique and beautiful graphics, a website enriched with powerful information looks vague. It is the cause through which an online visitor stops a bit while going by. Clearly it leaves a footprint in the mind of the person. Therefore DesignsLab focuses on the Graphic Design program with great care.

There are different software suits available in the market to design graphics. The institute--DesignsLab is pioneered in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw, and likes to share its expertise to the pupils who are curious to shape their future in this domain. As you know the demands of designs of wallpaper and logo are huge these days. Thus the market needs thousands of professionals to cater to the demand.

DesignsLab is equipped with high configuration computers which support graphics design software and the practical laboratory is remained open throughout the day. Trainees can take the advantage of the facilities. At first you have to decide in which design suit you would build your career, and then we would guide you in this way. You can try out the following programs on a trial basis and then make your decision.

Course Details

Introduction to Graphic Design Photoshop Corel Draw Script Illustrator Indesign

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