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Instructor: Abhinandan

Duration: 2 Months , 5 hrs / week

For recent years, Website (Web) Design has been a buzzword among tech-savvy youths. Then what is it really? As the name suggests, it is the knowledge through which one can design a website and run its business. One can do business without a website but through a website you are connected to the whole world. Millions know you virtually and overall your business can be taken to the next level. These days people prefer to carry out their occupation online as it is fast and straightforward.
Web design is not as simple as it is thought. One has to mastery over few subjects for this. When a designer makes a website, he/she keeps so many things in mind like the website should have a finest look. It comes from eye-catching unique graphics, amazing content, and responsive design.

Whenever a site is not responsive, it cannot be best viewed on devices with different screen size. We are efficient in building both static and dynamic websites. Designs Lab understands these necessities, and to make the path simpler, we train the students accordingly so that they can be successful in their approach and would become useful assets for the generation.

Designs Lab offers the latest web technology to the students. The title of the topics might sound familiar but the contents are different. Just check out our topics included in the Web Designcourse.

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