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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Institute

Course Description

Instructor: Sangram

Duration: 2 Months , 5 hrs / week

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the trending courses now-a-days. There are so many firms and freelancers engaged in this field and you can get them easily. The sector offers a huge possibility of job opportunity all around the globe. And most important thing is it would not see downtime as website owners would invest more over the time to showcase their businesses. But you have to be updated on the recent development, unless you might be overlooked soon.

What the marketers do exactly? They start market the products of their clients over the web smartly through different channels. It is not so easy as it is thought. One has to be smart and intelligent to carry out the job successfully.

At Designs Lab, students are trained about the every possible routes to make a website appeared. If you are totally new to the field, you might be perplexed about the ideas imparted here. The experienced trainers keep various case studies before the pupils how the techniques really work. One can find our trained guys are working in several companies. Designs Lab also hires some of its trainees who perform exceptionally well. Before taking admission here, you can have our syllabus.

Digital Marketing Syllabus

HTML Website Analysis Error Detection Robots.txt Creation Sitemap Creation Content Optimization Image Optimization
Keyword Research Landing Page Optimization Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools Google Indexing & Caching Adwords Campaign Adsense Program
Article Posting Blog Posting Social Bookmarking Press Release Submission Slideshare Creation & Posting Video Creation & Posting Infographics
Directory Posting Google Business Page Creation          

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